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Max WISE Publications™, Elleyne Kase , Publisher, received a phone call on the 7th of May from a regional leader in a Utah firm.

He said, "Elleyne, I wanted to call you right away. A new associate in our office just called me. She was so excited after just leaving the testing center. She told me she had just passed her life insurance exam with a 97% score! And the only thing she had studied with was your supplement! This lady is a stay at home mom who had no previous association with the life insurance industry before taking this exam. This is the highest score I have ever seen in my two years as a regional leader. Other people in our group have had very successful outcomes with your book and I am recommending it to everyone of my associates who needs to pass the exam. It is so satisfying to know that the challenge of the test can be easier to overcome so that my people can get on with the opportunity of being a provider."
– Cameron Turnbow, Utah

"I was honored with the privilage Elleyne gave me to utilize the mind map study book to prepare for my insurance test. It reduced my study time, by 30% and increased my test score by 10%. The book is a fantastic tool that visualizes and organizes the information to increase the students understanding of the information for the test. I could see the difference in my recall timing while taking the test. I visibly noticed that my recall time for the information on the test was significantly faster when taking the test after utilizing this book. I plan to use the Max WISE Publications™ for the 6 and 63 tests and would recommend them to anyone studying for the exams as a great tool to increase their ability to pass the tests the first time.
– Lisa Helms, Financial Planner, WFG Arizona

"The book was so helpful to me. I loved the visual illustrations and I think that was the key to my success. The Group 1 test is so general and covers so much that it became necessary to differentiate and retain small but important numbers and your book helped me do that. I passed with a score of 80%."
– Ebony Thomas, Financial Planner, Texas

I never could have passed easily without the Visual quick Notes™. It wasn't until I reviewed this material that I felt the confidence to pass the exam. I had a passing score of 86%, the first time! I recommend this exam supplement series to anyone studying for ther financial licensing.
– E. K.

"The Max WISE Publications™ series will have a permanent place in my library ... not only are they a much needed supplement to any of the study materials available for studying for the financial licensing, but also as an excellent reference material for industry professionals who want quick and easy access to this information on a continual basis."
– Stephanie, Financial Planner, Arizona

"When I first looked at the book. It was such a relief. It was visual!! I was going fo my fourth time at passing the exam and if I didn't get it this time I would have to wait a year to take the test again. Just my first look through helped me past the confusion. When it came time for the test, I felt much more confident. What a relief to pass after all that. The visuals all really helped me. Thank you, Elleyne. I was so lucky to be able to use your notes for studying. You've come a long way since those handouts. The finished book looks great, and I really like the Max logo you came up with. Let me know when the Series 6 book is done.
– C.S.G. Arizona

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