So what wwill these books do for me?


Whether you are an independent professional with little time to spare,
a company with employees
to train, or a regional team builder ... you or your associates will be licensed producers quickly and easily using this visual supplement in your study process.
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Group pricing: Quantity 5+ = 20% off

This system is known for:
• Quick assimilation of concepts and vocabulary.
• Collapsing study time.
• Using the natural memory faculties of the brain.
• Giving more confidence for the exam.
• Easy recall.
• Eliminating note taking.
• Simplification of subject.
• Organizing the subject.
• Complementing any curriculum.
• Immediate-visual comment – "I get it now!"
• A fast pass.

Organization and indexing with a powerful visual interface increases comprehension and collapses study time – no need to highlight, take notes, or make flash cards. Strong bridge from memorization to test application gives power over tricky test questions. Students study smarter using: Global Indexing; Mindmaps; and Story Content.

Good for: Captive producers or independent agents.
Valuable: Anytime reference.

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