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New PublicationEthics for Insurance; Exam Supplement & Desk Reference



Ethics For Insurance
Exam Supplement and Desk Reference Guide

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Some States such as California, include the Ethics component in the regular curiculum for passing the Life or the Life & Health exam. Our Ethics portion, under separate cover for the present time, has 24 maps that guide the student thru all aspects of the ethics curriculum. Excellent for first time licensing or Continueing Education class requirements.

Some main topics covered in the new Ethics for Insurance book are: Regulating Insurance; Areas of State Regulation; Ethics in Business; Benefits of Ethics; Code of Agent Conduct; Do Not Do List; Agent as Fiduciary; Law of Agency; Agency Made 3-Ways; Principal's Obligation to Agent; Agent's Obligation to Principal; Illustrations; Illustrations to Make Sales; Guidelines to Ethics Codes; SWOT; Estoppel; Express, Implied and Apparent Authority

Book is a 8.5x11"; perfect bound; full color cover; B&W interior.
24 Maps, 34 pages in all ; ISBN 978-9802242-4-5

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Ethics for Insurance study suplement for passing the insurance licensing exam.
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