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You may be going for your Life Insurance or your Life & Health (Disability) exam soon and have some degree of frustration. This may vary from mild irritation to a full blown, crisis of identity! Many have successfully passed these exams across the country without this anxiety using our Visual Quick Notes™ system.So what can these books do for me?
It simplifies everything
by outlining the whole subject in a mind map framework. All terms and concepts are put in a visual context making memorization fast and long lasting.
No sea of gray text to decipher.
Instead of a sea of gray text, main concepts, and vocabulary are highlighted in their own graphics.
Graphic elements
Can reduce study time 50%.provide an immediate visual anchor that is a relief and can make the subject interesting. Eliminates time spent
ciphering what the gray pages are really saying; having to do your own highlighting, organization, or flash cards; collapsing study time.
Really know subject.
Really understanding the subject makes the exam easier. Tricky questions can be successfully navigated. Confidence going into the exam and as the exam progresses establishes a calmer frame of mind throughout the process. The study time spent here will not be wasted in the future when it comes to applying what you have learned, because you will know it.
Fast pass insurance.
Students have remarked how the visuals are recalled during the exam enabling a higher percentage of correct answers. The minimum of a 70% for a successful pass is all that's needed to walk out the door with that passing score certificate. The expense of retaking the exam in time, peace of mind, and financial loss can be avoided with this visual approach. The whole reason this system came about was because the author was determined NOT going to take this exam twice.
Supplements to state required classes.
State specific laws or regulations are 10 to 15% of exam. Currently this supplemental system includes Arizona specific law. So 90 to 85% of this material is common to ALL STATES depending on your state. Also some states require a 52 online proof of course completion required to sit for the exam. Whether using a state approved online, book, classroom video, or live instruction the Visual Quick Notes system is your best supplemental insurance to pass the exam.


Mind Maps make immediately clear what is immportantbook

Chapter Indexes like Flash-Cardsbook

Vocabulary in historic anecdote, stories, or currrent

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