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Elleyne Kase, Publisher and DesignerLetter From The Publisher
The company began as the result of studying for the life insurance licensing exam myself. After taking the classes from a local provider, I decided the only way to get a first time pass was to organize the information as if I were handling my own personnal commercial design account. What would I want to study with? How would I like to review and learn this kind of material?

Fast forwarding to exam day, I remembered hesitating at the "Finish" button ... Will I have disappointment or relief? Upon click through the score of 86 popped up ... I had passed!

The attendant said, "Oh, you have a good score!" I didn't pay much attention then, only realizing later how others struggle for the minimum of 70.

It's impressive how many people in the financial industry take these exams more than once. Someone who needs to repeat can face serious set backs of time, extra expense, or even loss of job.

My journey to get a first time pass and seeing how my design could help others, is the inspiration for Max WISE Publications.

Blessings to all who are supporting this new educational system and product line. Max and I wish all the best to you in your professional career.

Elleyne Kase, Publisher

Our Team

maxElleyne Kase is a multi-disciplined information architect with over 30-years in the professional world of advertising and book design. With a specialty in corporate identity, she has combined these skills to create landmark educational materials for financial professionals.

Diane Montoya, Life Insurance Professional
Diane is an insurance professional with 19 years in
customer service.

Hersh Stern, The Annuity Museum
Many thanks to Hersh Stern the curator of the, Annuity Museum, who most graciously allowed the publication of some of his scriptophily images for the Visual Quick Notes Life Insurance, and the Life & Health(Disability).
More of his extensive collection can be viewed online at

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